Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello 29!

It's interesting that as a I turn 29, I am finding myself in much the same place that I was when turning 18. Knowing that I am finishing up one part of my life and moving on to another, is a refreshing change and yet it is accompanied with certain feelings of remorse, regret, and even raw sadness.

The truth be told, I have such an amazing life just as it is. And I know that every day, I will miss it. Especially the people.

And so today, while in London, while enjoying the sh@& out of my 29th birthday, I will celebrate the life I live right now.

So cheers

to cheap cans of beer under the London Eye at sunset.

to healthy parents who raised me to love adventure and kindness.

to Susan, for all you are.

to Mr. Umbrella for choosing to love me.

to every honest and true friend and companion I have ever had, whether lasting or fleeting.

to being in love with my career - to falling in love with 100 9th graders who are funny, brilliant, and beautiful - to working every day with great teachers - to Emily for dealing with me.

to travels, skiing, mountains, roommates, little dresses, Target stores, happy hours on patios, pedicures, macaroni and cheese, the gym, the tavern, excitement about newness, Facebook stalking, blogs, bookclub, cooking club, and everything else.

to loving 29.


  1. TO YOU!!!!! I love this post. Well said...cheers to you! xoxo

  2. Hi Allison, happy belated birthday from one of your Ireland study abroad friends. I just saw your blog and I'm loving reading up on your awesome life! Kosovo sounds amazing!! -Lindsay