Saturday, March 26, 2011

NYC in a blur

I did not get a chance to see the Statue of Liberty, but I did get a chance to see this beautiful lady.

Mr. Umbrella and I met up with Aleise, a long lost friend from high school, for brunch. I think there may be nothing better than an 8 year past-due conversation.

After brunch at Cafe Orlin (we recommend the millet pancakes with roast beet and goat cheese salad,, Mr. Umbrella and I felt that a quickie was in order … a very quick walk that is.


over-stimulated ourselves with commercial culture in Times Square.

got touristy at Grand Central Station

caught up with another old friend in Central Park.

had an all-too brief love affair with the best* New York-style pizza.

*a.k.a. first place
we passed.

I guess they call NYC the city that never sleeps for a reason; I definitely never slept, but I sure did love me some New York.

And now, onto London.

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