Friday, May 27, 2011

Tripping to Kansas

Driving to Kansas City is beautiful for the first 30 minutes. Then it becomes quite redundant.

Easy but boring is how I would describe the past nine hours spent riding the I-70 highway.

Around the six-ish hour mark, I started to go a bit nutzo in my car. Knowing a break was in order, I pulled off into Wilson, Kansas.

Looks like your average piece of Kansas, right?! Wrong! The city claims to have the largest Czech egg in America. I mean how, in my delusional state, could I have passed up this opportunity?

Secret: I never found the egg, but I did find some major Czech love.

Stop in Wilson, KS for some small town loving and some delicious homemade skol.

And please, Czech yourself before you wreck yourself.

1 comment:

  1. Allison--I HAVE to go to Wilson, Kansas! My maternal grandparents were Czech immigrants. I can't wait to take my mom there. Thanks for stopping there and discovering it and posting it!