Saturday, June 25, 2011

We Heart This Girl!


Her name is Emma, and she is great! And so was the wine she poured us!


Because of her extra sweetness, the winery, Hector Wine Company, she pours at deserves an extra shout out!


The wine was delicious. We particularly enjoyed the Soul White which was a unique blend of Vidal, Ravat, and Cayuga. It was peachy and sweet and refreshing.


She even showed us how to mix the wine with a little sensation called Verjooz. Verjooz is described as a Cabernet Franc Verjuice cooking ingredient. Emma poured a bit in our wine -- think margarita but with wine instead of tequila. We loved trying Verjooz because it was such a unique touch to the tasting experience. We weren't offered anything like this at any other winery. Definitely worth a stop at HWC to get yourself some!

In addition, Hector Wine Company is known for their live music, local art displays, gift shop of local goods, and their Lake Rat wines made from the Catawba grape.

Deuce sign throw up for Emma! She was the! And so was the wine!

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