Sunday, October 16, 2011

Skopje, Macedonia

So, about 3 hours after boarding our bus in Prishtina, we arrived in Skopje.

Birthplace of Mother Theresa.

First country I have vacationed to since moving to Europe.

Host of T-mobile, McDonalds, Burger King, Holiday Inn, and a really big mall.

Home to Hostel Hostel which was our accommodation for the evening. I am not much of a hostel fan -- been there, done that -- but when I began living on 1000 euro a month, hostels became surprisingly inviting. And Hostel Hostel is one of the best that I have stayed in. For 8 euros a night, guest get amazing hospitality, good company, free wifi, and computers in case you need to borrow one, decent bedding and beds, multiple {and clean} showers and bathrooms, coffee and tea all night long, beer/wine/rakii for purchase, 24 hour security, and free dinner and breakfast. Extra bonus: the girl working knew we had to catch a plane in the morning, so she had our breakfast to-go style and had a cab waiting for us. {Our cab cost us 20 euro -- we hear it can cost as little as 15 euro, so make sure to price check before committing to your driver.}

Random information: You can use euros in Skopje, but you usually need to have exact change. The official currency is denars.

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