Monday, October 17, 2011

Wine Fest

After unpacking and sharing some homemade rakii with some locals and some other travelers, we headed over to Wine Fest which was happening at the main square, a short walk from Hostel Hostel.


Wine Fest was amazing for several reasons. Here are some of them:

* There was A LOT of wine.

*We got to drink wine underneath The Warrior, Alexander the Great.


*It was packed, and like Kosovo, everyone was extremely nice, young, and welcoming.

wine fest

*There was beautiful traditional music played throughout the night.

* Our 2 euro tickets included a souvenir wine glass and discounted wine prices at all the booths. {For the record, somehow, I managed to get that wine glass all the way back to Prishtina in one piece.}


* We ran into an expat we know from Prishtina. He's originally from Michigan (hence my instant friendship with him), and we play pub quiz against him on Thursdays ... and now, sometime, we run into him in other countries. For one very quick second, I felt like a really big deal in eastern Europe.


We definitely want to get some more Skopje QT soon!
But now, on to Venice!

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