Friday, November 25, 2011

West End Tix.

This time in London, I was determined to see a play in the West-end.


Carla and Susan were up for the adventure of standing in line to buy cheap-day-of tix at tkts.
{BTW:  This whole process took way less time and effort than I originally planned on--making the deal-io even better!}


We opted for Billy Eliot because it seemed much more British than Thriller Live and Legally Blonde.


To be honest, Billy Eliot was a really odd play. 
The story covers everything from worker strikes to Margaret Thatcher's political controversies to motherless sons to poverty to children's dance
classes to sexuality exploration. It was a good storyline, but the
overall production was just weird.


Nonetheless, I get to check "Play in the West-End of London" off my bucket list.
And I got to enjoy some great sister time.

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