Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in Turino.

Magical. Beautiful. Totally Italian.


We concert hopped between beautiful Christian churches playing music.

Cafe hopped to taste a variety of Italian drinks, coffees, and sandwiches that seem to come with drinks ordered at the banco.

Attended a Catholic Mass where Cathy was asked to do a reading and we somehow missed communion.

Went to a 4 course dinner at C'era Una Volta where we were greeted with glasses of chilled champagne. The dinner was delicious -- they even catered to Mr. Umbrella's vegetarian needs -- and it was very well priced. For budget travelers, we recommend the house wine -- it was only 9 euro for a bottle, and our table's consensus was that it actually tasted better than our more expensive bottle. {I mean you know we had more than one.}


  1. That picture is so romantic and awesome! I am jealous of your adventures!

  2. Yes, Hannah--so romantic!!! I LOVE this picture!

  3. Thanks ladies! I LOVE this picture too...and even I couldn't help but get carried away with romance in Italy!