Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Prague's Communist Museum.

So, I don't do well with the Holocaust.
It stems back to my childhood.  
So, when E. Broyles decided to head to Terezin, a close by concentration camp, I decided to seek out something a little closer to a g-rated movie.
Situated on the popular street of Na Prikope next to a McDonald's {The fact that the Communist Museum neighbors one of the biggest and one of the most frowned upon franchises in America kinda makes me LOL}.  If you get lost {story of my life in Prague}, look for this sign:

{Another LOL came as I envisioned McDonald's incorporating this fang adorned Babushka doll as a happy meal prize.}

Overall, the museum was interesting and pretty cheap {190 czk}.  Lots of good facts -- though a bit drab and not at all interactive.
And probably, DO get a babysitter if you have kiddos.

My favorite part was seeing a classroom set up to display Communist propaganda and lessons.

Cool thing #2 was getting a chance to see a picture of the Stalin monument that use to sit where the largest metronome in the world now sits.

I mean...look at that thing!  It is so freakin' huge!

Cool thing #3 was reading the stories of those who gave their lives to end Communist rule.
Who doesn't love a good hero story?

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  1. Unlikely Happy Meal prizes -- I think you've found an excellent theme, or maybe a recurring tag!