Saturday, July 21, 2012

Susan WAS Really There, I Swear!

Naturally, I wanted Susan to experience some life outside of Pristina, so we rode about 4 hours to the nearby town of Peje by bus to taxi ourselves to the small Mountain town of Boge.
We got easily to Peje and fairly easy to Boge...considering that no one speaks a word of English, I was quite proud of us for using our hand gesturing skills to negotiate a fair priced taxi.  And the good news is that Susan and I only had to flash each other the "are we about to get sold into human trafficking" eyes two times.  Don't worry -- the taxi drive was only stopping for some gas and then some beef flavored chips -- which he shared with us.

Susan and I traveled by map all the way to Boge, Kosovo.

When we got to Boge, we asked some people where we should go for a good hike.
They stared at us with blank faces, soooo we chalked that conversation up as a loss and just started walking. 

As we climbed, we ran into some cows.  Herds of them, grazing calmly.
In this exact spot*.


{*I think this is where I should state that on the way home from this trip, I lost Susan's camera.  So, later, on my 2012 staff retreat, I had to re-create the footage.}

And apparently, my sister is extremely scared of cows.
So scared actually that she quite literally resembled a piece of petrified wood.  I've never really seen anything like it -- a person, unable to walk upon sight of a cow in their path.
So, naturally, I started picking up rocks and chucking them at cows.


No, not really, but Katniss {allusion to Hunger Games} taught me a lot about survival this summer, so I did pick up a rock to use as a weapon just in case the cows charged us.

{Clearly, when re-living our hike, there were no cows.  Eventually, I did run into some cows.  They were no where near me, but, in honor of Susan, I picked up  a rock, pretended to be Katniss, and got ready to throw.}


And, although we saw no frolicking nuns or chubster Gretels, the hills of the Accursed Mountains are every bit as alive as the Austrain Alps.



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