Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner.

For the second year in a row, I endured a turkey-free holiday.  When living abroad, some things are sacrificed for the experience — like the famous dead-bird main course — and, more importantly, the rituals and traditions that create the holiday I normally call Thanksgiving.
I, unlike some of my colleagues, have been extremely lucky when it comes to Thanksgiving. Both times Thanksgiving has happened since I've been here, I've had family visit.  Last year, my sister and I celebrated our gratefulness in London, while this year, my parents and I went seaside to Dubrovnik. Fresh calamari took the place of our traditional cranberry sauce, creamed corn casserole, and stuffed turkey.
We were lucky enough to stumble into Konoba Pupo, where we literally watched the chef make the dishes the owner recommended:  calamari stew and chicken, Dubrovnik-style.
The menu offers much international flair but ultimately remains loyal to the Dubrovnik gastro culture.
I may have missed months of searching for new recipes to cook with my sister and mom — not to mention walking the meal off, basking in Denver sunshine. But squid Dubrovnik-style can rule my Thanksgiving spread any year!

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