Saturday, November 10, 2012

Venice When Broke.

Experts say that Venice is sinking; however, this fall, it was not due to the weight of my wallet.  In fact, my pocketbook remains so full of air, it is better suited to be a flotation device than a money holder.  

This load was lightened even further when a 10-euro bill went missing from my wallet at the Pristina bus station.

{I know, I know; it's time for me to stop taking the bus in Kosovo.}

So as I waited for my parents to arrive in Venice, I spent a day and a half adhering to my 36-euro budget. Pretty freakin' hard to do in Venice — especially when my ideal vacation is to spend piles of euros on things like vintage wine, jewelry, and rich, authentic cuisine.

Basically, I had no choice but to make like a poor college boy on a first date and buy my parents some gourmet-looking pasta, sauce and cheese from a grocery store — along with some Italian wine with a pretty label.

{For the record, they were pretty impressed with the resulting meal, and my gesture made them feel right at home in Europe. If I were that poor college boy, I totally would have gotten to first base.}

But before my folks arrived, I still had time to kill, so I headed around town to explore a city darkened by clouds. But this overcast sky offered me a new perspective, and a sharp contrast from the last time I visited, when it was sunny and hot and sticky.

After falling in love {again} with Venice's decrepit beauty, I happened upon a free museum showcasing the works of Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi. I have always loved the Four Seasons composer, mostly because he was a fellow red head.

Then, I took the obligatory transit over the Bridge of Sighs. The sight was so much clearer on this occasion. Though condemned Venetians may have wiped away tears as they glimpsed their bella citta one last time, I was used to mopping away sweat. 

 I had no time for sighs. At this point in my story, I had to Amazing-Race myself to the Piazzale Roma to meet my parents!

{Let's just say I wish I could have traveled by map, because the twists and wrong turns it took to get me to P. Roma left me dizzy and stumbling.}

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