Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Death of Mike's 20s.

For, BFF, Mike's 30th birthday party, he decided to throw himself  a 1920s Murder Mystery Party because what says, "celebrate life" like a party about death?!

 photo 7d4b9d6d-29d2-42fc-8ca6-d0f237376efe_zps6b4e9a79.jpg

Apparently, I missed the memo to wear black!

 photo 4de632df-845f-4d8f-9ba7-08c825db349f_zps633c8862.jpg

 photo a7e1e1f9-c433-4224-8a43-6b2f916a4f26_zpse7220473.jpg

 photo ffa78b8e-5368-4b36-9293-c853ebfc145e_zpsee93b0dc.jpg

 photo b91644b0-9de3-40c0-82d1-1fb706b22d88_zps69337657.jpg

And, of course, a 30th birthday celebration, must end with a dance party 'cause "we are young," after all.

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