Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pink and Red Party.

It's Valentine's Month so, I invited all the ladies over for some girl time, some sweet snacks, and some cocktails.

 photo 4d46c809-66dd-448d-9285-1f827c724b05_zps8014e43e.jpg

Many things were learned this night.
Like that Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip is the best thing in the world.

And that you should never let this girl do your nails.  

 photo 995600c8-aa02-49dd-8894-e26e03c98c6d_zpsc885a682.jpg

Even when she swears she can draw great flowers.

 photo 2f245986-7a65-40ee-aba8-9e59d7074280_zpsa6ff5a98.jpg

And that you can use a heart-shaped candle to roast marshmallows. 

 photo d41958c3-7bdc-4061-a980-52fd48414565_zps138da2bd.jpg

And that these girls are hilarious and provide some excellent girl love time.

 photo 47383cf6-71e7-4b14-8c9d-7e4b440276ae_zpsa3e74091.jpg

And that Alexa looks like this after a few glasses of wine.

 photo 99d814c8-a4b4-4464-a350-7fd4df51751b_zpsc9de8a72.jpg

And even though the night got a little blurry, all ladies left with a homemade sugar scrub, a pink or red nail polish, and some euro-movies aka illegally downloaded or bootleg films sold in actual stores as though they are legit pieces of merchandise.
{It's just how they do.}

 photo ec3979e1-cca6-4c0e-80c7-a9ae13334d23_zpsa70beed6.jpg


  1. This totally makes me nostalgic for fun times with Allison! You are the best fun day planner around! Hope all is well.

  2. Thanks, Lady! We're having a good time over here...see you in July!