Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break Equals Susan and Relief.

As much as I love my job, I really love my vacation time too.
And this year, I personally feel that I have really earned my Spring Break.
 Because this year, I have had to deal with seniors who refuse to stop farting, seniors who repeatedly ask if we're on page 69 -- even though I've just stated that we are on page 112, seniors who throw gum on the floor, and seniors who tell me "but I paid to come to this school, so I just GET to pass."
And on top of all of the insane antics of my seniors, I also have one class of baby freshman who make fish faces while I'm teaching and never use periods. Ever.
I mean, I promise that I NEVER became a teacher to yell at children every day; I really wanted to inspire.  To motivate.  To help kiddos love to read; to make boys want to grow up to be Atticus Finch; to wipe away tears while explaining the importance of Leslie Burke's death; to encourage students to write down the stories that are floating around in their hearts.
But lately, I've begun to think that "yelling at children" is my entire job description.
Which breaks my {whole} heart, but, good news, not only has Spring Break 2013 arrived, so has my sister.

 photo 31a5378c-b3f6-4d02-bbfd-625d0afccf51_zps608d5675.jpg

So, to blow off everything that is driving me nut-zo at my day job, we headed to Nom Nom, a favorite happy hour location for some "high-on-life because your long distance best friend is in town" beers and cheers.
And, suddenly, I can't stop smiling.

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