Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Promise to Always Eat Peppers and Cheese.

If you plan to visit Kosovo, you are probably more interested in the tourist attractions and the fashion than the eats....I'm just kidding; no one really plans to visit Kosovo.
But if you do find yourself in the Balkans, enjoy some of the traditional foods, beginning with peppers and cheese.

 photo file_zps693782ed.jpg

After one bite of the hot, gooey, spicy mixture, Susan was hooked.
So much so, she made me take her back another night for round 2.

 photo file_zps23f5b9ff.jpg

She also fell in love with the fried cheese.

 photo file_zps2fe76980.jpg

And the shopska salad.

 photo file_zpse4262737.jpg

Honestly, if you boil Balkan food down to a few words, it would be....salty white cheese.
It's an odd feta-type cheese that comes in two forms -- wet or dry.
I don't really want to talk about it anymore because it may cause me to stop eating it, but it does taste pretty good when melted, fried, or shredded.

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