Saturday, September 28, 2013

Since I've Been Back.

A quick review of news and olds of my 1st month back in Pristina.

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The Duplex {aka my old school cafeteria/nightclub} reopens as a cafe making a perfect place to grab a cup of joe during the workday.

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I get new glasses.

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Hajde trips return offering free guided day tours of Peja -- a city outside of Prishtina.

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Paralia, Greece offers a warm and beautiful last beach weekend.

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Prishtina continues to offer wonderful shopping opportunities .

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I walk to school in my tennis shoes and then change into heels once I arrive.

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The National Ballet of Kosova performs {almost} weekly at the National Theater and my ballerina friend provides me free tickets.

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9/11 Film Festival gives a reason to dress up, see some films, and go to a party.

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I fall back in love with Greek yogurt dripping with honey.

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