Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The new Te Shoki bathroom.

Life gets better after 2 years in Kosovo.
The proof is in the bathroom.

Introducing the old Te Shoki toilet.  The one that tormented me.  The one that I fell into one cold night when I was wearing heels.  The one that made me run three doors down whenever I had to "use it."  The one that made me put Te Shoki on the "I will never go there again list."

 photo a389091a-f70b-456e-abec-c4a81fb3e19b_zps7a962b9e.jpg

And introducing the new Te Shoki toilet.

 photo file_zps8b6f7360.jpg

I just never thought this would happen. Ever.
It wasn't even on my wish list.
But I'll take it.

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