Monday, March 17, 2014

Climbing Duomos with my Dad.

First in Florence.

 photo IMG_0430_zps13f43e28.jpg

 photo IMG_0314_zpsbd100c95.jpg

 photo IMG_0284_zps20d563dd.jpg

 photo IMG_0306_zps3700c8bf.jpg

 photo IMG_0312_zpse81b479f.jpg

 photo IMG_0298_zpsf6319521.jpg

 photo IMG_0293_zpsaf9e1798.jpg

 photo IMG_0305_zpsace931d7.jpg

Then in Siena.

 photo 41bfc2dc-7ba7-4f8d-b3dd-dd951580f4d3_zps78717a56.jpg

 photo IMG_0357_zps07969035.jpg

 photo IMG_0359_zps8f427778.jpg

 photo IMG_0373_zps402901bb.jpg

 photo IMG_0367_zps5a4472c2.jpg

 photo IMG_0379_zps9f3eb907.jpg

 photo IMG_0370_zpscaa23333.jpg

Thanks, Dad, for always encouraging me to try new things and push myself to the limit.
And to never pass up an opportunity to see something outrageously beautiful.
I couldn't ask for a better climbing partner.

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