Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scared Silly

I'm not sure why Umbrella and I thought it would be a good idea to pre-book Jack the Ripper tour tickets at night on the first day we arrived. I mean, we had only been up for approximately 48 hours straight, and who doesn't want their first introduction to a new city to focus only on gruesome, unsolved murders in the exact places we were walking. Bahaha … who are we fooling? It was so. much. fun. The walking tour included a walk tracing the exact footsteps of the famed killer, stops at places he struck, and clues to his actual identity and reasons behind the murders.

Although tourists have their fair share of choices on which tour company they want to book, I highly recommend the company we went through--tickets were only 8 pounds apiece and the tour guide, Richard Cobb, got straight to the important and most gruesome details without droning on and on about the non-important. Also, Mr. Cobb used a hand-held projector to portray pictures of the murders, events, and historic recreations. We'll throw up a deuce sign to Richard for scaring us silly!

Check out the company's website here:

Take away: make sure to use the loo before the tour--there are no bathroom breaks. Poor Mr. Umbrella had to run into an alley. First day in a new country, and I'm at risk of dating a "public urinator".

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