Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Scared Silliness

It's always a great idea to follow up a murder tour by grabbing a couple beers at one of the murder sites, The Ten Bells, and crashing a first date for two little love birds. Apologies to Sean and Gerta*. Let's hope that one day they get married, and fondly tell the story of their first date when they were approached by a charming American couple who had one million and five annoying questions about everything London. The best part: Gerta actually lives in Germany. Sean is South African but recently moved to London. If Cupid's arrow strikes, their international relationship will still be more convenient than Mr. Umbrella's and mine.

Reiteration of a previous lesson: enjoy the romance, Gerta and Sean … it's so fun and worth the travel time.

New lesson learned: drink hand-pumped beer while in London. It's warm and flat, but so very London.

*Unsure of real name so I did just enter the most stereotypical German name ever.

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