Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little India = Love

I see dating as an opportunity. An opportunity to try new things, go new places, have new experiences. And sometimes, it's an opportunity to fall in love. And one time, on a date, I fell in love with Little India.

I'd like to say Little India is one of the places I got in a fire. {Fire is a metaphor for the final end of a really bad dating experience.} And it is a keeper! {The boy was not ;)}.


Susan and I decided to start at Little India a little before dinner time to take advantage of their Cheese Naan and 2 for 1 drinks.
{The Cheese Naan makes my mouth water and my heart sing.}

After enjoying the sunshine on the sun porch, the happy hour prices, and the company, we decided to tackle dinner.

I ordered my usual --Butter Chicken. It's the only thing I ever order. It's perfectly colorful, perfectly tender, and perfectly saucy. {Kind of like me...bahaha.}

Susan enjoyed the Shrimp Marsala. Also delicious, but it's just not my Butter Chicken.
Other Highlight: With 4 locally owned locations throughout Denver, you are bound to find one close to you!

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