Sunday, October 16, 2011

Go Green!

I'm just really glad that there are University of Michigan students graduating this year who have gone their whole college careers without ever witnessing the Wolverines defeat the Spartans in a football game.

msu vs uofm

I am also really glad that I got to see the Spartans beat the Wolverines (not only in dress...I mean what were those sick shoulder stripes?!) all the way in Prishtina, Kosovo.

group shot

And I dragged some good spirited friends to the bar, 91, with me. Within this group, we have 7 reps from the Big Ten! Feels kind of like Colorado.


And I allowed one enemy to go as well...don't worry, we're friends again.


And lastly, I met a fellow Spartan.

Go Green! Go White! Sparty On!

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