Monday, December 19, 2011

I have a thing for the Fun Size.

Since I was little, I've had a very severe obsession with small things. My sister has it too; it must be genetic. We've just always loved finding things that are abnormally smaller than real size. I'm not kidding. My mom used to have a shadow box hanging on a wall in our kitchen, and my sister and I used to just stare at and then talk about the miniature objects on the the tiny shelving system for hours. For the record, we were really cool; in addition to our obsession with minis, we loved to act out the Sound of Music, visit Presidents' homes, and perm our hair.

So, now, imagine my excitement when we happened to find ourselves standing outside of the Puppenhaus Museum in Basel, Switzerland. I'm sure you can now tell that I am clearly still very cool.

{And, remember how I said museums are all closed on Mondays?! Surprise! Much to the boys' dismay, this one was open!}

For 7 Swiss Francs, we stopped in at this teddy bear and dollhouse museum, which not only houses dolls, their houses, and a variety of Teddy Bears dating back to 1904, it also happens to have a "history of the eye glass" exhibit.

{Yes, we too thought that this was random.}

As you can see, Puppenhaus Museum is a cute museum full of many miniature items and childhood memories.




And for those of you who like games, you can play a little, "Where's Winehouse."


{Too Soon?}

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