Tuesday, February 7, 2012

End of Semester Reflection.

All good teachers are constantly trying to better their practice based on feedback and assessment results from students. Like I've often done in the states, I gave my students an end of the semester reflection hoping to get insight and direction on what worked and what didn't work in my classroom.

This answer is my fav.

What could Miss Peterson have done to be a better teacher?

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Hmmm...maybe, at the end of a semester or when we get done with a book like The Outsiders, we could have a free lesson and eat candy bars and chat quietly about things in our lives.

I mean, this does not help me be a better teacher, but it does remind me that we all need a little time off from life to chat with friends while eating sweets.

Reason number 151 why teaching is the best job in the whole world.


  1. Seriously. You ARE changing the world. Now, if they wouldn't yell F*** you. A girl can dream.

  2. I feel pretty lucky to be at a school where I never get swore at. Is it weird to call that lucky? Or is it sad that I'm more accustomed to FU than suggestions for a free day calling for candy and quietly talking.

  3. Also, friend, I don't have school all week. It has been cancelled until Monday due to snow storms. Right now would be a great time for you to come and visit!