Thursday, February 9, 2012

Get Psyched! A Guest Post from Another Prishtine Surprise.

Hello Fans and Followers!

I am excited to announce my very first guest blogger: Ben Timberlake. Aka Mr. Umbrella.

As most of my readers know, he also moved to Pristina, Kosovo this year looking for a change and some new adventures.

I love having him here, not only because he's super supportive and helpful and romantic, he's also incredibly reflective and offers great insight into the events of Kosovo's recent past and its present. His ability to help me better understand the world is one of my favorite things about him. I can't wait for him to share this greatness with all my loyal readers!

Before reading his guest post here tomorrow, I encourage you to visit his blog -- Another Prishtine Surprise -- and discover his interesting takes on various Pristina elements for yourself.

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