Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Freakin' Teacher Appreciation Day!

Today was Teacher Appreciation Day in Kosovo.
And as usual, it's nice to think that all over the country, people take just a little bit of time to recognize the hard work I do every day.

It seemed a little bit funny to me today because normally, the shower of appreciation comes from the administration who give us love notes and some sort of sugary treat, but this year, at ASK, I was showered by my students.
In addition to a Milka and a carnation, I received countless numbers of "thank yous" and "Happy Teacher Days".

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Most adults understand the amount of work teachers do and how hard, challenging, and exhausting the work can be. But teenagers don't really get it. I mean, teens don't grasp a lot of things outside of their own small worlds.
But today, my students seemed to understand how hard I work for them to ensure that, if they choose, they will grow as readers and writers and speakers of English by they time they leave my classroom.
And I liked it.
More than a coffee bar and a Jamba Juice and a pancake breakfast.

{Now, off to a cocktail party from our principal -- okay, this will make a pretty great ending to my spectacular seventh day of the last days of my 20s.}

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