Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yoga in the Park, Kosovo Style.

I mean, a yoga class in the center of Italian park at sunset seemed like a great idea.
And it was.  Until the birds came.
Swarms of them, as they always do in Pristina.  Filling the dark sky with their dark wings.
Sqwaking and shrieking and flapping and shitting.
They don't exactly create the harmonious musical soundtrack which typically accompanies a yoga session.
And let's not forget that, in Kosovo, where there are birds, there are bullets.
Yes, friends.  It's true.
In order to make the birds fly away, people shoot at them.
I mean, when does shooting your gun in the air to scare birds seem like a good idea? 

For the record, people that shoot guns pointed into the sky need to keep in mind two things:
A.  Eventually, the bullets have to fall down.
B.  It's kind of hard to hold a downward facing dog for 5 yoga breaths when worrying about bullets and bird shit raining from the sky.


  1. Oh wow--I needed this post so much. You made me laugh, and I haven't done that today. Thanks!

    ps the visual I get from reading this is just too much!

  2. Haha, that is hilarious. I was actually thinking the other day how it would be fun to do yoga in Italian park. Yeah, not so much. Are you a yoga instructor? I recently moved to Pristina and am teaching yoga. I'd love to meet up and hear how your time in Kosovo has been.