Sunday, September 2, 2012

Staff Retreat. Yikes.

So, we had a staff retreat this week.
We went to a mountain town about 2 hours away from Pristina, in Boga. 
It's pretty much gorgeous, but the drive there feels like you're driving into death.
I mean, I have the fortunate luxury of not getting carsick, ever, but on the way to Boga, always, on the way to Boga, I get nauseous, sweaty, and dizzy.
I also get really nervous.
The roads are neither paved nor wide.
The drivers are often texting, talking to other drivers through rolled down windows, and listening to really loud Albanian music.
In short, I hate my life while in transit to Boga.

But alas, once there, it's amazing.

And the 2012 staff retreat team building activities did not disappoint.
 I mean, staff retreats are really good for a lot of things.
Like completing team building relays with a cow on the field.


And seeing your principal {the same one that screamed, "Look at those bodies!" when female staff members dressed down to swimsuits on a previous staff retreat} dressed like this.


And posing as though you're waiting to be discovered by a modeling agent.


And scaling a mountain while friends below find some time to shoot some photos.


And using your necks to pass oranges around.


And winning ASK mugs for being awesome at completing weird team building races.


And meeting a new student {the one in yellow} for the first time.
{Because, why wouldn't you meet a new student while smoking a cigarette and wearing a wig.}


Have I mentioned that I love this place?


  1. This was amazing. I need video footage:)

  2. Wasn't your first day of school similar? ;)

  3. umm....i hear you. my lifelong fear is mountain buses--fear was realized about a month ago when my bus tipped over in the andes. you never know! be safe. keep embracing life!