Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School Fist Pumps.

Today, I woke up early to start off the first day of 24th grade with a bang.
And by bang I mean a very slow start kicked off by a frumpy teacher outfit and an assembly dryer than an overcooked turkey.


Actually, kind of a funny story about this Day 1.
I'll be teaching senior English this year which means I'll be looping with my junior muffins from last year.  They're great, so I'm pretty excited, but, to be honest, I was casually concerned that the students might not feel the same way.
But today, my buddy, Yohnk, ran into one of these students on Mother Theresa Boulevard, and the following conversation took place {or something kind of like it}.

Yohnk:  Hey Student!  Did you hear that Miss Allison will be your teacher again this year?  She moved to senior English.
Student:  Yes! {insert a hard fist pump}  Yes!  Yes!  Yeeeeesssss!  {insert 3 more fist pumps}
Yohnk:  Okay.  You're pretty excited about this.
Student:  Oh yes!  In all my years I have never had such a good teacher.

So I guess the year started with a fist pump.
Let's go Year 24 … let's make it the best because I just may actually graduate this time.


  1. FIST PUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love this, love you, GOOD LUCK!!!!

  2. That is anything but a frumpy teacher outfit. I love your dress!