Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bay of Bones and Museum on the Water.

On the way back to the city of Ohrid from Sveti Naum Monastery, our taxi driver stopped at a second tourist attraction -- a palafitte -- which Susan and I would soon find out is a settlement built on stilted platforms or pile dwellings typically over water. 

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 Sitting in the Bay of Bones, this palafitte is a reconstruction of an actual settlement that sat in this very spot 3,000 years ago.

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 Even the interior of the little houses have been reconstructed with authentic detail.

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Really, this was a stop for the view; the museum {fittingly called "Museum on the Water"} offered us little but shelter from the rain, an up close look at a few ancient artifacts from the found on site, and an extremely ESL subtitled video on underwater diving in Lake Ohrid.
As we stood laughing at the video, the sun emerged {yes!} allowing us to walk around the village, admire the aquamarine shades of the lake, and climb up to the fortress which provides an elevated and stunning view of the area.

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Thanks for sending the sunshine, rainy day; please, please keep it up!

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