Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ohrid, Old Town Walk.

Because the sun continued to shine, we were able to experience the Lonely Planet walking tour to see the major sites of Ohrid's Old Town. 

 Starting at the Upper Gate, we climbed down a small hill to see the 2,000-plus-year-old classical amphitheater.  Originally built for theater, the Romans turned it into a gladiator ring {dislike!}, but it is now back to hosting non-death-resulting summer performances.

 photo file_zps804ced37.jpg
{Sorry the photo doesn't exactly capture the amphitheater; I'm just really a lover of mountains.}

From the theater, we headed over to Sveta Bogorodica Perivlepta.  Built in 1295 and ranking among the most outstanding achievements of mediaeval architecture, the church is home to an icon gallery {that we didn't make it in time to see} and some majorly gorgeous frescos.

 photo file_zpsb690f993.jpg

It also offered a view of the Ohrid Fortress of Tzar Samuel {or Car Samoil's Castle}.
Once serving as a function of defense against enemies and as an inhabited area, it now just acts as an item of magnificent beauty.

 photo file_zpsfa41189a.jpg

Continuing our walk, we strolled through the cobblestoned old town until we arrived at the fortress.

 photo file_zpsd471961f.jpg    photo file_zpseb0eb0d3.jpg

 From the top of the castle walls, the lake shines like a blue jewel, like a piece of the sky. And the whole city of Ohrid is visible.

 photo file_zpsb9ec4a67.jpg

 photo file_zps25e8affa.jpg

 photo file_zps98a0e0b4.jpg

Climbing the narrow stone steps down from the top of the walls, we realized we were actually locked-in to the fortress.

 photo file_zps3086b3cc.jpg

Don't worry! After a completely unnecessary panic, we escaped/the workers unlocked the gate for us, and we continued our stroll down a wooded path to Saint Clement's Church of Saint Panteleimon,  a church sitting on a cliff looking over Lake Ohrid. Beautiful inside and out.

 photo file_zps03749cc2.jpg

Because of the sun and rain combo, a bright, full rainbow dramatically and beautifully cut across the sky bridging city and water -- a perfect escort for our trip back down.

 photo file_zps51d93bb6.jpg

 photo file_zps73da67a2.jpg

Following the rainbow, we continued downward to the 11th century, Sveta Sofija Cathedral, said by Lonely Planet to be modelled after Constantinople's St. Sophia.  The church offers views of more frescos, Ottoman-era architecture, and old ruins, but also provides some amazing acoustics making it a great place for a concert.

 photo file_zpsf7dddba2.jpg  photo file_zps5afda022.jpg

And it was here, across from a beautiful cathedral underneath a rainbow that Susan and I decided it was time for a cold beer on a patio to celebrate {my} life.    

 photo file_zpsfb21a9fb.jpg

And yes, we ordered some fried cheese as well.

 photo file_zps6c0fd5d9.jpg


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