Sunday, July 10, 2011

Amanda Face.



Remember when everything was different, and we were just single girls living together in the city? Remember when we used to stalk boys and people online, for various reasons? Remember when we drank champagne the night Obama was elected, got mixies after the Snake, and celebrated 4 years of birthdays together? Remember when I made you go out after Susan's wedding even though you were already sleeping?

You know what else I remember? I remember the many times you invited me to join you for ski weekends, walks in wash park, invites to your family affairs, and coffees at Stellas. And I remember the many conversations we had about everything (literally), and I remember you listening without judgement or advice (unless I asked for it). And I remember when you asked me to be your roommate. 2225 Buchtel Blvd...oh, if those walls could talk. ;)

I remember that you were my first real friend in Colorado (other than Susan), and through our times together you helped me explore and define friendship, frienemies, and myself.

Our lives are so different now than the day we met -- but in really great ways. I don't even live in Colorado anymore; you're officially married -- to a super awesome guy btw. I love that I can credit someone as amazing as yourself with helping me discover my own ways to fall in love with life.

Your passion for life, your passion for the people in your life, and your passion to help the world molded me into the person I always wanted to be.

Thanks for everything. Thanks for you.

PS I will always eat your buckeyes. Even if you make too many. ;)


  1. Love this! Love you!...even though you're making me cry reading this. Can't wait to see where the wind blows you next. XOXO

  2. :) Hopefully the wind will blow you to me this time. I mean they have mixies and baby brads in Europe, I'm sure!